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California University of Pennsylvania Review

California University of Pennsylvania focuses on designing degree programs that are of high quality and technologically relevant for students to achieve success in their careers and personal lives. The school works towards enhancing individual capabilities, such as entrepreneurial spirit and love of learning, understanding that personal improvement leads to success in all areas of life. Students gain confidence and develop the capacity to overcome any obstacles that come in the way of their personal and professional goals. This school takes pride in excelling as an institution that cares for the achievement of their students and community service.

California University of Pennsylvania has a long history going back to 1852, when it came into being as an educational institution providing education right from kindergarten level up to college level. It went on to specialize in teacher education in 1874, and was rechristened South-Western Normal School. Located on the Appalachian Plateau in California, the school advanced in leaps and bounds over the next 100 years, adding various degrees to its kitty. It was taken over by the Common Wealth of Pennsylvania and the name changed to California University in 1983. The other campuses are in Pittsburgh, PA and Canonsburg, PA. The school offers online programs for students who cannot attend a brick-and-mortar school.

Cal-U as the California University of Pennsylvania is also called, has programs covering a large number of fields, which include Biology, Earth and Space Science, French, Art, Chemistry, Geography, Industrial Organizational Psychology, Fisheries and Wildlife, Journalism, Marketing, Mentally and/or Physically Handicapped and Elementary Education, Social Work, Pre-Chiropractic Medicine, Sociology, Public Relations Pre-Veterinary Medicine and many more.

The online school, aptly named “Global Online,” caters to students from all over the globe. International students, working adults, military students are all provided an extremely convenient and a most flexible learning environment. Established in 2000, this online school attracts thousands of students to the degree programs. Students can choose from the numerous programs in fields like Wellness and Fitness, Tourism Planning, Legal Studies and others. Plenty of resources and a highly qualified and experienced faculty are available to the students to help them complete their courses efficiently. Students can study at their convenience and access all their course material online whenever they want. The interactive method of education makes it possible to imbibe the subjects in the best possible manner.

The success of an educational institution lies in the success of its students. The past record of California University of Pennsylvania is extremely impressive with students achieving a high level of success in different fields, such as athletics and professional fields. After completing college, many student athletes have joined big teams in NBA, NFL and MLB and made a name for themselves and the school globally. Many of those that pursued academics created stir in the fields of journalism and writing as well as in Congress. California University of Pennsylvania has accomplished the huge feat of creating many excellent academicians and sportspersons from its students and this was possible only due to the dedication of the school to the improvement of their students.


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