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California Coast University Review

California Coast University is dedicated to help both traditional and non-traditional students, providing them the scope of furthering their education and advancing their careers. The school extends its helping hand to students from every background and lifestyle. The distance learning program offers undergraduate and graduate levels, and is designed to provide an opportunity even to adults already pursuing their careers and wishing to gain additional professional skills. Students are taught critical thinking along with integrity towards their education and are motivated to become contributing individuals to their communities.

California Coast University based in Santa Ana, CA, was founded in 1973 and was designed to be a distance learning institution that caters to students wishing to study from home without having to attend a traditional school. It became one of the first private degree schools in California to receive full institutional approval from the state Department of Education. With over 8,000 students enrolled in its various programs, California Coast University has been accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC).

This excellent online school offers a whole range of programs in the undergraduate and graduate levels. This is a great opportunity for career individuals to return to school and earn the degrees and certifications they have always wanted to. Classes are flexible to fit into the busy schedules of students and the students are also provided financial assistance in cases where they are unable to provide for their schooling. The university, in an attempt to lessen the burden on the students, also encourages them to seek financial assistance in the form of corporate sponsors and from their employers. The school has appointed a highly qualified team of advisors who help students make the right choices related to the courses offered, in order to best meet their educational goals. Students can join either Associate’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s level programs at California Coast University’s School of Administration and Management, Behavioral Science and Education. The school offers majors in Health Care Administration, Management, Business Administration, Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction and several others. Students are made aware of the new trends in the marketplace and taught techniques and skills needed to adapt.

California Coast University also has a VA Tuition Assistance program that has been specifically created to provide financial aid, tutoring services and other benefits to military veterans, in an attempt to help them make their journey into the professional arena successfully. The flexibility of the classes allows students to work at their own pace on the courses. Life experience credit is given to students who have had training in the military or some sort of professional career training. This credit is an advantage that allows students to complete their degrees quickly and pursue their careers.

With so many benefits provided by the school for every section of the society, it is an ideal place for people who want to complete their graduation at any point in their lives, and ensure they reap the rewards in their professional careers.


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