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Bowling Green State University Review

A good educational institution not only focuses on the academics but also on moral values that help students in all facets of their lives. Bowling Green State University (BGSU) is one such institution that drills in its students the core values of respect, creativity, cooperation and being proud of one’s achievements. These values, combined with a high level of education in a top-notch learning environment allows students to turn into well-rounded individuals and professionals. The school offers students a wide range of academic degree programs and nationally recognized research institutions. A well-balanced college experience is provided with its rich art schools and performances and the nationally-ranked athletic teams.

Bowling Green State University was founded in 1910 and was initially a teacher training school aimed at creating the then much-needed educators to the communities. Over the years, it has grown tremendously and started offering degree programs in many areas. It has about 21,000 students enrolled in the various programs that include graduate students as well as evening students. The main BGSU campus is situated in Bowling Green, Ohio in a huge area comprising of 1,338 acres. The school also has a satellite campus called the BGSU Firelands College, which was founded in 1968 in Huron, Ohio. With 900 full-time faculty members teaching 200 undergraduate programs, 68 Master’s programs, 16 doctoral degree programs and 2 specialist degree programs, it goes without saying that there is a high level of expertise that students can take advantage of. Some of the notable alumni from Bowling Green State University include an Olympic gold medallist, Emmy award winners, a Pulitzer Prize winner and an NBA player among others. Bowling Green has almost a hundred years of experience in training teachers and is still considered to be the Mecca for people seeking degrees today. The U.S. News & World Report has ranked the school as the 14th largest producer of teachers in the United States.

However, the programs available at the university are not limited to teaching, and there are 200 other programs offered on campus. BGSU offers classes at their various colleges; the College of Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Human Development, Human Development, Human Services, Technology and Musical Arts, Graduate College and BGSU Firelands College. They offer Honors Program for students wishing to pursue further studies. Their research centres open up several projects for students to participate in. Extended learning and research is provided in psychology, bio-molecular sciences, contemporary music, family research and other areas.

Bowling Green State University has online distance learning programs available for students who cannot learn on-campus and they offer 12 online degree programs and other certifications, which include Ph.D. in Technology Management, Nursing and Master of Arts in English among others. Online students work closely with their professors and have the option to chat with their classmates, giving it a perfect classroom atmosphere, which can be very motivating. Course materials are made available online throughout, to enable students to access them whenever they need to. Degrees can be pursued at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and even certifications can be earned. Knowledge obtained from an institution that strives to provide the best always stands the students one-step ahead of others and studying at the Bowling Green State University creates leaders of a different kind.


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