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Boston University Reviews

Boston University is a world-renowned leader in education and research. It spells quality and steers students towards achieving academic excellence and integrity, instilling in them the rich tradition of service. It creates a diverse and unified environment where students thrive academically as well as personally. Boston University provides its students education in liberal arts along with other professional programs that serve provide a basis for the perfect career-orientation. Students are prepared to take on competitive careers in the global communities and reaching their personal goals. The school gives a lot of importance to research and their research centres work at creating programs that help students get cutting-edge and hands-on experience with projects in science, archaeology and other subjects.

Boston University was founded in 1869 by three businessmen who were Methodists; Isaac Rich, Lee Claflin and Jacob Sleeper, who put their minds together to establish a school that focuses on diversity and service. Their ideals of providing education for all, with no restriction to race or religion were put into action by providing education to several communities. Boston University has become famous for churning out the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr. The school also has many firsts to its credit, such as producing the first woman with a Ph.D, the first African-American psychiatrist in the United States and the first Native American to earn a doctorate in medicine. Today, the school has two locations in Boston and offers a wide variety of educational programs to more than 31,000 students through nearly 4,000 highly qualified and experienced faculty.

Because the school believes in “education for all,” it caters to a wide section of people by offering a whole range of important degrees; undergraduate, graduate and special degrees in the Colleges of Engineering, General Studies, Arts & Sciences, Fine Arts, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Communication, Medicine, Theology, Law, Management, Public Health, Social Work and a host of others.

Boston University is known to be a research university that provides students numerous opportunities to work with the best in all fields. Students have the advantage of working on real-world projects and are given research opportunities in areas such as biomedical imaging, genomic technology, arthritis, ethics, world affairs, educational development, opera, enterprise leadership, philosophy, religion, nutrition and several others.

Understanding the plight of those students that do not live in Boston, the school began offering online degree programs in as many as 20 different majors. Students can take their undergraduate or graduate degrees at their convenience. Some of the fields of study include, Music Education, Computer Information Systems and Criminal Justice. The faculty that trains these students online is as highly qualified as the on-campus faculty and makes sure the students discover their career goals and succeed in them. Discussions and multimedia presentations are part of online studies. These students upon completion of the chosen programs, will be helped in every possible way to find jobs.
Numerous resources and course material are made available online 24/7. Boston University has earned the distinction of being an excellent educator that gives a great deal of importance to the theoretical and practical knowledge students need to keep them in good stead when they leave school.


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