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Berkeley College

Berkeley College is a business and professional trades school that offers a wide range of associate and bachelor degree programs designed to educate graduates to meet the changing needs of business organizations and professional institutions.

The school operates a virtual classroom setting, as well as seven physical campus locations throughout the eastern seaboard in both New Jersey and New York, including two of them in Manhattan.

Berkeley College strives very hard to give students everything they need to compete effectively in the business world, with several degrees options. Offering degrees in everything from administration and general business to fashion marketing and non-profit programs, the Berkeley College School of Business has a program to meet the specific business focus a student would want to take after graduation.

The Berkeley College professional studies programs provide high demand career oriented training such as preparing students for employment or advancement in the medical services, crime and justice, a paralegal career, or even home interior design.

Berkeley College does provide a less specialized education degree through their School of Liberal Arts. The body of subjects encompassed within the liberal arts program include the language arts, humanities and literature, and the mathematics and sciences.

The on line campus setting offered by Berkeley College covers many of the degree subjects available on campus, and even has some additional resources for many subjects, including a complete computer information systems course, that is found only through the virtual classroom.

The school takes great pride in selecting only the most qualified instructors with the highest of professional standards and their widely accepted curriculum. All of the Berkeley College locations are accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. The American Bar Association also gives its support to their paralegal programs through its accreditation.

Berkeley College also supports and benefits from close ties with their on line and campus communities. Campus demographics reflect this close relationship. Demographically, Berkeley college mirrors the communities it serves through its promotion of diversity. Out of the aver 6,000 students that Berkeley has served, over 60% of them have been women, and a majority come from diverse ethnic backgrounds other than white, with over 30% being African American. There is an extensive network to help military veterans with post service education, and over 35 million dollars was awarded to help lower income individuals attain the education they need to succeed. Mirroring the fact that our local communities are also made up of non locals, many of Berkeley’s student hail from abroad, making up the over 700 international students that attend.

Focusing on the local and regional relationship needs of business, civil society, and the student body, Berkeley’s training programs offer specific program requirements while at the same time offering the flexibility of both on line and off line campuses, afternoon and night courses, and 24-7 interactive technology access.

The career partner and education relationships has also helped to form the core methods of teaching at Berkeley. Berkeley’s programs are very much hands on, and interaction between the instructors and the students follows suit. Much emphasis is placed on real world experience in fields of study, and pursuing career opportunities after graduation.

Business and industry input not only helps in the development of educational material and degree program formation, but also serves as a networking platform for students to find job placement after completing their chosen course. The school currently utilizes more than 20 career services specialists to help match potential employers with graduating students. With networked employers also engaging in internship programs and job training prior to graduation, the success rate for matching can be quite high.

While not often thought of as an athletic powerhouse, Berkeley College does offer sports activities, both on an intramural basis and intercollegiate level. Berkeley holds standing membership in the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) and the Women’s Athletic Conference.

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