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Berkeley College Review

Berkeley College’s motto, “From classroom to career… we’re with you every step of the way!” says a lot about their education system. This school believes in a complete hands-on approach to teaching, which they follow through with classroom training and practical experience. Their high quality educational programs include Bachelor’s degrees and Associate’s programs as well as online academics. These programs are available for both local and international students, from the college student to the adult wanting to return to school. Students are moulded not only to achieve excellence in the school but also to carry this tradition to their communities and professions. Special attention is given to students with financial needs as the school is dedicated to making education happen for every person, irrespective of caste, creed or financial status.

Berkeley College was founded in 1931 and has grown to seven campuses spread throughout New York and New Jersey, including Manhattan and White Plains, NY; Newark, Paramus, Woodbridge and West Paterson, NJ. The school has an online division that offers a wide range of degree programs and certifications. The combination of the on-campus and online students is a student body that comprises of students from several states in the US and hundreds of students from foreign countries. This makes it possible for students to interact with other national and international students. The Berkeley College recently completed 75 years of outstanding service to the international community and celebrated its 75th anniversary gloriously.

Online programs at the Associate’s level include Financial Services, Fashion Marketing and Management, Information Systems Management, Justice Studies – Criminal Justice, International Business, Health Services Administration, Management and Marketing. Programs at the Bachelor’s level include General Business, Business Administration, Management concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Human Resources. Online classes are also offered in other areas, such as math, sciences, English, computer information systems and liberal arts.

The school’s hands-on approach to teaching ensures that their students not only get good classroom training but also get real world experience. Their business education programs are known to be one of the best and all the coursework for these programs is developed by business professionals. The students are also given the enormous learning curve of getting into professional internships and on-the-job training with large businesses in the New York area. This practical experience yields far better results than any classroom can and increases their opportunities.

Online students doing their programs with Berkeley College will never feel that they are missing something by not physically attending school. The school allows plenty of interaction with other students and professors, through academic advisors, newsletters, student support services and a host of other resources including their Distance Learning library. The curriculum followed both on-campus and online is the same and the degrees awarded to both are the same.

In fact, online studies at Berkeley College afford greater convenience for students that have other responsibilities in life, giving them a sense of satisfaction of being able to continue with their education while handling their personal situation in the best possible manner.


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