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Bellevue University

The mission of Bellevue University Online is to provide high quality, affordable education to students of all ages, in the fields of IT, business and liberal arts, for success in their challenging careers. Students benefit from the highly ranked programs in the area of online graduate options. Students have the option of taking accelerated programs that provide real-world training, Bachelor’s degree programs, Master’s degrees and other certification programs that help them succeed not only in their classrooms but in their personal and professional lives, and also in becoming responsible and motivated leaders.

Bellevue University is a well-known accredited institution founded in 1966 by Bill Brooks who wanted to offer better educational opportunities to the community. The university takes its name from its home city of Bellevue, Nebraska. The school has 12 locations throughout the United States; in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas and Missouri. More than 11,000 students are offered undergraduate and graduate degree programs which are designed in such a way that they mark a beginning for personal and professional individual growth.

Bellevue University’s online programs have been available since 1996, and this school has the distinction of being the first to embrace this mode of delivering educational content. Accelerated programs are also available for students who want to complete their degrees quicker. Bellevue University received its accreditation from The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS). It also has the distinction of being the first accredited university to offer an online MBA program.

For online students, the university provides access to many tools that help them in their learning process. They have even designed a “Cyber-Active” classroom that provides interactivity among students from different places and their professors, which makes learning from home extremely convenient. The university also makes things easier for students with its Real-Time User Information Network, which has been created to help students with technical support, administrative tasks and other help. Faculty that are assigned to teach online courses are as qualified as the on-campus faculty, and additionally, they also undergo intensive training to work in the virtual classroom.

Nearly 50 undergraduate and 13 graduate degree programs are available. Whether students are looking for a traditional 4-year program or an accelerated graduate program of bachelor’s degree, Bellevue University will help students reach their goals. The fields of study are many and they include human resources, advertising management, security management, leadership and criminal justice administration, health informatics amongst others.

Bellevue University helps students with their financial concerns by showing them different sources to finance the education. Financial aid is also provided based on the eligibility criteria. Provisions are also made for deferred payments and employer tuition assistance plans and others. This university believes that education is the best investment in the future and no financial issues should hold a person back from getting one.

Bellevue University is certainly a great place for students from all walks of life to pursue an online education, as it has the courage and the experience to open up new fields of study for students. For those looking to prepare themselves for a challenging career in the real-word, Bellevue University’s degree programs are the way to go.



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