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Baker College Online Program

The mission of Baker College Online is to become the driving force behind their students’ success in a field of their choice. With an understanding that imparting high quality education itself does not suffice in creating a well-educated and well-placed individual, this university focuses on fulfilling their goals of entering into rewarding careers after their graduation. Students thus come out of school fully ready to apply their skills in real-world jobs. The school also points students with financial needs, towards appropriate resources that will assist them in fulfilling their dreams.

Baker College is located within the state of Michigan and has 16 campuses that cater to more than 35,000 students. Established in 1911 by Eldon E. Baker, it is Michigan’s largest independent college that focuses on career-based learning. Baker College is a combination of three separate colleges: Muskegon College, founded in 1888; Baker Business University founded in 1911; and John Wesley College. All three schools joined together in 1974 as Baker Junior College. The college has now expanded much beyond its first campus in Flint, Michigan to include several campuses throughout Michigan, in Fremont, Cadillac, West Branch, Muskegon, Owosso, Coldwaer, Allen Park, Jackson, Auburn Hills, Clinton Township, Cass City, Sarnia, Port Huron, Sandusky and online too.

Baker College has established its online study in 1996. It offers several online programs for students who may not be able to go to college but wish to continue their education. Students have access to about 32 programs, which gives them a wide choice. These programs are accessed through a large library and other resources, enabling students to perform their research and study from the comfort of their homes. The online programs are as vigorous as their campus programs and students are taught by an accredited faculty just as on campus, ensuring that all online students receive a thorough education that is needed to succeed. Online courses are offered at the introductory, undergraduate and graduate levels. The online undergraduate courses concentrate on fields like Web Design, Computer Science, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Project Management and Planning and Code Administration. Graduate courses include Doctor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Information Systems and Master of Occupational Therapy.

Baker College offers a very flexible schedule for online students, providing 24-hour access to students throughout the week. While they allow a great deal of scheduling flexibility, the courses have deadlines and schedules that the students have to meet. This ensures that students learn in a disciplined and organized way.

The process for joining Baker College as an online student is very simple and prospective students must submit applications. They may also schedule a visit to the college, speak with a counsellor over the phone or request a brochure to gain more information about enrolment and other things.
Baker College takes pride in the fact that all of its earlier online students are placed in great careers just as their on-campus counterparts. The major advantage to students is that they are treated as if they are on campus and provided with the best possible education.


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