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A.T. Still University of Health Sciences

A.T. Still University focuses on imparting proper education and encouragement that instils leadership qualities in students, to help them in the world that awaits them outside the university. This education revolves around health care through osteopathic medicine, following the principles of integrity, compassion and ability. A.T. Still hopes to transform its students into a generation of individuals that prove to be exemplary examples of the unique philosophies of osteopathic medicine.

The brain child of Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, this university was founded in Kirksville, MO and was initially named the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine. Over a period of time, the school has achieved great success and along with a change of name has also grown into five schools. The main campus is the College Of Osteopathic Medicine and the School of Health Management in Kirksville, where it all began years ago. The three other schools are situated in Mesa, Arizona; for Osteopathic Medicine, Health Sciences and Dentistry and Health.

A.T. Still University has made a name for itself as an innovative health care education centre and caters to students looking for a health education with a different approach. While most other medical schools teach the principles of allopathy, A.T. Still believes in the osteopathic philosophy of holistic healing; wherein, students are taught that physicians have to let the body’s healing mechanism do the job, while they themselves play the crucial role of assisting in this healing process.

This university has come to be known as one of the most reputed graduate schools in the United States for the health sciences. A.T. Still’s University of Health Sciences in the Mesa Campus provides exclusive online classes for students any time during the day or night, throughout the week. This facility makes it convenient for students to study at their convenience. The relevance of the study programs is taken care of by experts who are currently in the health care industry, ensuring only the most up-to-date and latest teaching techniques and content. Human Movement and Geriatric Health are a few of the various programs available at the A.T. Still University.


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