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Ashford University

Ashford University has taken up the challenging mission of providing learning opportunities and instilling in their students, the desire to grow personally, professionally and intellectually. The degree programs provided are not only high in quality but also high in accessibility, affordability and innovativeness. The school also fosters core values of social awareness, integrity and service. It has succeeded in creating a diverse student body by being one of the most accessible institutions both financially and administratively. Many students who have been part of these degree programs are now responsible leaders who have been inculcated with a love for learning that sees them reach new levels of success at every stage of their lives.

Ashford University, which was originally called the Mount St. Clare College, was founded in 1918 in Clinton, Iowa by the Sisters of St. Francis. In those days, it was a junior college that had grown over a period of time to include degree programs. Mount St. Clare College’s name was changed to The Franciscan University in 2002, and was eligible to award Master’s degrees. In 2005, the school has been taken under the wing of Bridgeport Education Inc. Group, and the name changed to Ashford University. The school received accreditation by the North Central Association Colleges and Schools. Today, the school provides students education both on campus and online. Degrees are awarded at undergraduate and graduate levels, which include the Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s. Bachelor’s level programs include psychology, business, computer graphic design, elementary education, accounting, public relations, marketing, health care administration and many more. Master’s programs are the MBA and organizational management program. Students can also add a minor to any of the university’s Bachelor’s programs.

The flexibility of distance learning combined with high quality courses make Ashford University much sought after. This university provides classes at an accelerated pace and students have the opportunity to complete their degree programs in one or two years. This is a great option for students looking to gain academic certification quickly, to be able to pursue or advance their careers. Students taking online courses at the Ashford University have the flexibility of studying from home at their convenient time. Course materials and other resources are made available online at all times. Ashford University has created a team of dedicated financial representatives who play a very important role in helping people with no capacity to pay for their education.

Students taking the programs on-campus participate in a wide variety of sports. There are teams in men’s soccer, baseball, basketball, golf, track & field, and women’s basket ball, soccer, golf, softball, volleyball and track & field. Cross-country for both men and women is also being started this year. These teams are known as “The Saints.” Music and fine arts take a place of priority in the university and are considered one of the best ways of meeting other students.

Ashford University has 90 years of academic education experience, which is a valuable asset for students to take advantage of, as they can be assured of a first-rate education.


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