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Argosy University Online

The strength of Argosy University Online lies in the equal opportunity it provides to both online and on campus students. The university provides students the tools necessary to build a solid foundation of knowledge as well as the power to put that knowledge to work. Students are exposed to a well-designed curriculum that focuses on academic learning, practical experience and interpersonal skills. All areas of a student’s chosen field of study are taken care of and the focus is not only on obtaining a degree of choice but on succeeding in that field. Argosy University Online shows each student how much it values their relationship, making students feel connected to this university, irrespective of where they are from.

Argosy University is a combination of three specialty schools joined together in 2001, giving students access to training in health care, psychology and other fields – The Medical Institute of Minnesota, founded in 1961, The University of Sarasota business and education school and the American School of Professional Psychology, founded in the 1970s. This combination proves beneficial to students as they can take advantage of the diverse program offerings. Argosy University has 18 locations in the United States, with the main school offices in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and the online school where courses are offered through their Chicago campus.

Argosy University Online offers degree programs at the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels in health sciences, psychology, business and education. The University’s psychology program offers school psychology, clinical psychology, marriage and family therapy, counselling and forensic psychology. Their Education program consists of courses to train teachers in becoming good leaders in education, who make a difference in the lives of their students as well as make significant contributions to the education industry as a whole. The Business program teaches practical skills students will need in order to succeed in a competitive environment in the real-world, leadership qualities and problem solving skills that are critical for entrepreneurial success.

Argosy University Online’s degree programs are large and give students a chance to interact with others students. All online students are given the opportunity to not only learn at their own convenience but also receive individual attention from their professors. They can also access all the resources and material online anytime they wish to, making it possible to study at their own time. Additional services they are given access to include mentors, career services professionals, advisors and student financial planners who work closely with the students. There is also an Assistant Director of Admissions that helps them. All these services are aimed at making the students feel at home studying in this online school and never feel alone at any point of time during their program, whether it is in their efforts to plan their degree or when looking for job placements.

Argosy University Online is dedicated to the success of its students who join these programs from different places and ensure they do not feel the difference in their studies online. It is like enjoying all the benefits of going to school from the comfort of the home.


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