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Argosy University Online

Argosy University Is based out of Phoenix Arizona and was formed through the combination of the American Schools of Professional Psychology, the Medical Institute of Minnesota, and the University of Sarasota. Through this merge, Argosy University created one of the biggest supporting alumni organizations in the United States. This has given them a pedigreed collegiate basis that not many on line education programs have access to, as well as contributing greatly to the schools success.

Argosy University has its roots in on campus learning and brings that knowledge along with them to the virtual classroom. The rote curriculum is the standard as would be given to any student in attendance at its physical campus location in Phoenix Arizona. No part of the resources or requirements are lacking in the on line version of its likewise accredited degree programs. This curriculum is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Argosy also oversees the operations of 18 other physical campuses as well as its virtual classroom, and financial aid is available to all qualified individuals.

Argosy University Online is not just another on line school. They provide opportunities for education in some of the most respected areas of study offered to the academic population. In addition to associate programs and bachelor degrees, Argosy also offers several masters and doctorate degree programs in high profile career subject areas like education, organizational leadership, and even pastoral studies. The university’s official website states the desire to provide a “curriculum that includes relevant, real-world skills”, “designed to provide our students with a high quality education”.

Argosy follows through well by offering 7 different associates and bachelor degree programs in wide appeal areas such as liberal arts, psychology and business administration. They also provide more specialized programs for growing segments of the career market, such as criminal justice, public administration, and non-profit management.

In addition to the ability to complete a masters degree without ever attending campus, there is a doctorate degree program for advanced study professionals who wish to continue on toward campus study. The Argosy doctorate program selection is unique in the fact that it is designed to meet the requirements of not only a specialized career group, but has a significant emphasis on general community leadership and education. An excellent school that offers both a doctorate in pastoral community counseling and business administration, Argosy University has put it on line and in the hands of almost anyone. To have the opportunity for such an advanced educational opportunity without inconveniencing your current lifestyle is one of the benefits that makes Argosy University Online one of the the most successful on line universities in existence today.

The only difference between the physical campus location and the virtual classroom is the delivery method of resources available to the students and instructors for facilitating communication. Learning in a virtual environment can sometimes require more discipline and effort on the part of the student than is needed to stay on track while on campus. To overcome the reduction of student to instructor physical contact in an on line setting, the school has made student interaction a top priority of the instructors it employs. Through a network of email, telephone, and on line classroom contact, productive contact is maximized while allowing for schedule flexibility.
Argosy is committed to reduced class sizes, even on line. Their instructors are pure professionals, and the effort that they stress on providing individual attention to students is one of their hallmark attributes.

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