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Anthem College Program

Anthem College has a completely different approach to education and stresses more on practical, real-world and career-specific training in healthcare and technology. Students gain qualifications in degree programs that teach applicable skills to achieve optimum job placement, and work in successful careers by transferring their skills from the classroom to the workplace. The interests and goals of the students are given utmost importance. Students are taught marketing skills that will help them market themselves in the highly competitive job market of today.

This college has its main campus in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to this, there are 22 other campuses scattered all over the United States in 14 states, which are California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, Missouri, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Texas and Tennessee. This college is part of a network of colleges that include Allied College, High-Tech Institute, Cambridge College, The Chubb Institute and The Bryman School of Arizona. This college is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology, which in turn is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Anthem College offers courses from the School of Technology and the School of Health Care. Students can take degree programs from any of these. The technology programs offered are, computer networking, electronics technology and CAD/drafting technology. The health care programs train students to be the best medical assistants. All these programs are offered both online and on campus.

The online division of Anthem College aims at providing students highly interactive learning resources and tools. Students are exposed to the latest developments in online education through chat rooms and discussion boards, along with a host of multimedia presentations with video, sound and graphics, providing them with a media-rich experience off campus too. The best advantage students have is that of personal attention from the professors, and students are encouraged to get all their doubts cleared and questions answered. Several resources and study materials are made available online at any point of the day or night, making it possible for the students to study at their convenience.

Anthem College’s has a unique Student Services Program that helps students by providing them with a network of contacts, mentoring, several student activities for them to participate in as well as a tutoring program for students that need individual attention. If needed, students are also assisted in finding a place to live. Students who wish to work part-time while studying on campus, to earn some income, can take the help of student services. The college also has a Graduate Placement Assistance program that assists with jobs after their graduation. This program also teaches students the art of creating resumes for the job market, preparing for interviews and searching for jobs. No fee is charged for any of these services.

Anthem College takes the responsibility of developing a student into a self-sufficient job market-ready individual, who along with learning the subject also gains practical skills, entrepreneurial skills, business acumen and understands the intricacies that pave the path to the achievement of high levels of success in the competitive real-world scenario.



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