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Anthem College Online

Anthem College On line (ACO) is a health care, business, and legal training school that was founded in 2003. While providing quality education in these areas of expertise for almost a decade, Anthem College has distinguished itself as a distance learning school that understands the direct connection between education and career success with qualified instructors that understand the on line teaching environment. ACO has over 140 faculty members, and each one of them was selected and trained to maximize their teaching ability by transforming their teaching methods to excel in a distance learning classroom. On line education has its own unique traits when compared to traditional in class instruction. The same can be said for the teaching experience as for the student’s prospective. ACO has strict teaching credential requirements for its teaching faculty, and sets the same high standard for its student achievement. Over 95% of ACO faculty have higher than a bachelors degree, and all go through rigorous on line teaching skills training before dealing with students.

Based out of Phoenix Arizona, Anthem College Online offers virtual classroom access to almost anywhere connected to a high speed Internet connection. With health care, business, and legal careers as the institution’s focal point, they offer degree and diploma programs in 8 subject areas. Accounting and business management are provided for business professionals. Health Information Management, Health care Management, Medical Office Administration and Medical Assisting courses provide diploma, AA, and BS level training for the health care field, and Anthem College Online also supplies the need for paralegals and law enforcement professionals with an AA in paralegal studies and an AA or BS in Criminal Justice. Military personnel might find it interesting to note that Anthem College On line is in partnership with the Arizona Veteran Supportive Campus Initiative as a pilot on line education center.

Anthem College Online offers the flexible schedule that comes with Internet distance learning, but it also provides a lot more. The virtual campus is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to allow interactive collaboration between students and instructors semester long. All communications tools are used to their maximum potential without putting an undue technological burden on the students. Video streaming, groupware activities such as forum collaboration, and computer simulations are all used to further the quality and accessibility of ACOs educational resources.

Health Information Management, Medical Assistant, Business Management, Accounting, and Paralegal courses also contain an on campus component, with over 20 locations from coast to coast to choose from. Anthem College Online is committed to distance learning whenever possible, but also acknowledges, and wishes to provide, the hands on training that is needed to qualify individuals to competently compete in their career field after study.

Businesses are prone to hire an employee with an on line degree more than ever before, with more than a third of all businesses seeing no deficiency in the validity of an on line degree as compared to a campus only option. Where this credibility might not exist, it is quickly overshadowed by the fact that Anthem Online University is much more than a “website with a university”, but has been a full fledged post secondary education provider of the highest repute, both on line and off for several years. There is also good news for graduating students, with almost 3/5 of all employers stating that they had hired an applicant with an on line degree within the past twelve months.

ACO is a nationwide school accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent College & Schools (ACICS), Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (ACCET), Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), among others, though ACO can not currently take enrollees from Arkansas or Massachusetts. The school is fully able to accept federal financial and G.I. bill qualifying aid and a student is encouraged to apply for such aid as soon as acceptance to the school is verified.

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