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Animal Behavior College

Transformation of a dog lover into a dog trainer takes place only at Animal Behavior College. Training animals is far from simple and requires an understanding of animal behavior. The high level of education provided at this college proves to be extremely beneficial in gaining knowledge of the fundamentals as well as career-oriented experience. All the programs are designed to impart skills that will enable students to groom themselves into caring, proficient and highly successful animal trainers. Students are also provided the opportunity to interact with other animal trainers and create useful connections within the industry. Personal Program Managers are available to clarify doubts, offer advice and grade the exams.

Animal Behavior College was founded in 1998 by Steven Applebaum, who was the former president of Animal Behavior & Training Associates. He had a vision of providing distance education through his college and gives students who are animal lovers, the opportunity to fulfill their dreams by learning about animal psychology; the behavior and discipline.

The college faculty includes experienced mentors at more than 400 locations, who are available to help the students. These mentors come from all walks of life; there are professional dog trainers, behavior psychologists, dog show judges, scientists, authors and of course all of them are animal lovers. This is a private college that is accredited by the California Education Code.

There are several things that have to be taken into consideration when working with animals, and students are taught all about them through the various courses the college offers. There are several courses for dog training and obedience, but courses on other animals are also offered. Animal Behavior College has designed a curriculum that comprises of 11 stages. It tackles academic, theoretical and hands-on training. The 11 stages are basic study of canines; how to teach obedience; training basics; a trainer’s toolbox; safety; public speaking and teaching group classes; the art of effective problem solving; shelter practicum and externship; business building and Graduation. It can take anywhere between seven and twenty-eight days to complete these stages. The shelter practicum and externship itself takes twenty-one weeks.

Students not only learn the art of training and disciplining dogs and other animals, but also gain business skills through classes that teach public speaking and self-promotion. These entrepreneurial skills will help students with their own dog training business or even a consulting business after completion of their courses at the Animal Behavior College.

The Animal Behavior College also sponsors various job placement services and business connections, where students can find job opportunities with companies such as Canadian Petcetera Warehouse and Petco Animal Supplies. Steven Applebaum has also created a wonderful business module to help students create their own successful dog training business.

The main advantage with joining Animal Behavior College is that students can complete their courses at their own pace with the help of their program manager who will be with them all through the courses to ensure students are on the right track. Since the faculty and staff are all experienced animal trainers, students will be assisted in every possible way.


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