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American Sentinel University

American Sentinel University is committed to providing affordable education to students from various backgrounds. Students are given high levels of educational experience in leading technologies. The cutting edge programs provide maximum flexibility and prepare students for the technology-based fast-growing sectors and emerging industries of a global economy. Students are moulded to develop situational thinking, critical evaluation and decision making capabilities, which are certain to stand them in good stead in all areas of their lives, either professional or personal.

Founded in the year 1988, American Sentinel University was initially named American College of Computer and Information Science. The school grew from strength to strength, culminating in the American Graduate School of Management. This school provides advanced business classes and gives the students an opportunity to gain improved and high level of business acumen. The American Sentinel University came into being with the combination of these two colleges.

American Sentinel University is located in two places; Denver, Colorado and Birmingham, Alabama. The university is well staffed with 40 faculty members, of whom more than half hold Ph.D degrees. They impart high quality education to 1200 students each year who participate in these programs from more than 120 countries. Students are encouraged to work closely with their academic advisors and professors in completing their academic education and setting specific goals for the future.
Classes at American Sentinel University are offered completely online, making sure students from every possible background can attend, despite all their other commitments that may otherwise prove to be prohibitive in achieving higher education.

The university offers more than 15 degree programs and the degrees offered are, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees and certificate levels. The areas of study include technology, healthcare and business. Computer science degrees include AS, BS and MS; web design and development degree is BS; MBA and MS in Nursing and several others. Their certificate programs are associated with big names in the industry, such as Cisco, Microsoft, PMP and CompTIA.

American Sentinel University has created an excellent format that allows students to connect with other students, with the faculty and even with the administration whenever they need to. Student advisors are available to chat live with the students. The wonderful facilities that students are provided include but are not limited to interactive real-time lectures, mentoring programs, working with the group cohort and gaining access to the Sentinel newsletter. There is also an online library with a huge database that is filled with hundreds of reference materials and links to various software downloading sites.

There is no restriction or a particular time for students to enrol, and they can get in at any time they wish, even during the middle of the month. The courses are also asynchronous, which means students can access materials provided by the university at any time, making it possible for students to study at their convenience. American Sentinel University provides the most convenient method of study to students, irrespective of where they are from and this makes this university one of the most sought after.


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