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American InterContinental University

American InterContinental University caters to students from all backgrounds; international students, military students and the traditional students. It concentrates on all aspects of individual growth of their students, including their academic, personal and professional growth.

This school was founded in Europe in 1970, and has grown tremendously since then, solely due to its unique and much-appreciated education system. Today, the school has several branches in the United States in Atlanta, Atlanta-Dunwood, Houston, Los Angeles, CA and TX; as well as in London. It has also opened an online school in 2001, to help students from all over the world take advantage of their programs.

The American InterContinental University offers degree-focused programs at all levels, such as the Associate’s, Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. The school is accredited to award these degrees by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The American InterContinental University has different degree programs at different campuses, with a host of areas of study, such as design, information technology business, media production, fashion, visual communication, criminal justice, marketing, healthcare management and many others.

It strives towards grooming students to the point of perfection, by equipping them with skills required to be a part of today’s global economy. Students are also steered towards understanding the importance of following ethical means in their lives and respecting diversity. They are given access to several educational resources and the latest technology, along with the ability to interact with their teachers easily.

The main aim of this university is to impart education that is practical, career-focused and helps students in their professional lives once they are out in the world taking up jobs after they graduate.

The American InterContinental University also extends its helping hand by providing career services to help prepare students for the outside world. They are taught how to write their resumes, how to plan their careers and prepare for interviews. They are provided every opportunity through career fairs, alumni connections and special events, to network with others and be prepared.


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