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Abilene Christian University

Abilene Christian University (ACU) is a conglomerate of seven college cores with a distinct historical reputation for being a quality Institute of higher learning based on impeccable scholastic practice and Christian morals. It is a century-old school with a forward looking focus on the future, holding a stated 21st century vision. ACU proudly pronounces that it plans to “become the premier university for the education of Christ-Centered, global leaders” by 2020.

Founded in 1906 as Childers University with only a handful of students and a parcel of church land that was funded with a mere $2000, the school now boasts several campus programs with a wide variety of central academic fields to choose from.

Initially starting out as a primary and secondary education school, the Institute was accredited to deliver courses at the junior college degree level in 1914, and senior college accreditation was secured in 1919. The School currently offers 61 baccalaureate degree options in everything from accounting to psychology and social work, and 26 master’s degree programs in addition to its renowned graduate school of theology. Now serving almost 5,000 student yearly, it has come a long way from its small country school roots, but still retains tight affiliation with the Abilene church community that initially started it.

While being an academic powerhouse, Abilene Christian University also offers a wide variety of sporting activities for both men and women. Basketball, tennis, track and field, and are cross country are available to both sexes. There are also men’s football, baseball and golf, with the women enjoying participation in softball and soccer. The cheer leading team is open to both males and females as well.

Abilene Christian University has been awarded several academic and athletic honors over the years, the most recent of which was the Apple distinguished program of 2011-12, proving it to be far ahead of the curve for technology in the classroom through its allocation and use of iPad, iPhone and iPods for mobile education throughout its campus.

ACU was also honored as America’s Best Christian College, America’s Best College Buy, and even America’s Best College overall by both US News & World Report and Forbes (twice in a row), proving that it is not only a worthy school for your child’s educational needs, but also thrifty in its financial cost.

Other awards in the area of study were also laid upon it by CIO magazine in its 2009 CIO 100 award, the president’s 2008 National Service Honor Roll and Student Horizon’s Excellence in Service Learning, just to name a few.

In the area of athletics, Abilene Christian University has done extremely well by being the only NCAA division II school to be in the top 15 for 15 years standing, finishing 9th in 2009-10.

Only UCLA, Stanford and USC can claim to share the top leadership in the total number of national championships held with the ACU Wildcats, who hold fourth in ranking with 62.

Abilene Christian University holds fifth place in the number of Lone Star Conference titles held by any Texas school, more than double that of the 6th place rank holder, and trailing only to Texas, SMU, Rice, and Trinity.

If you are looking for a scholastic school on par with the best, and an athletics program that far exceeds almost anything in the region at an affordable price, while at the same time demanding a Christian pedigree with a long heritage, then Abilene Christian University might be the perfect place to call home for the next two to six years.

Abilene Christian University
Abilene, Texas 79699
Phone: 1-877-723-1131 (U.S. and Canada)
Phone: +1-647-723-1131 (International)


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