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Polytechnic Institute of New York University Review!

The Polytechnic Institute of New York University is an affiliate of New York University, and helps educate students through classroom instruction combined with real-world experience outside the classroom.  The school arranges internships and co-ops for students with the business in New York area. Their goal is to provide students education of a very high quality in the fields of science and engineering. The institute takes a detour from the traditional university mode, and believes in research oriented universities offering not just research facilities, but also innovation and invention that impacts economy and jobs of the cities we live in.  This in turn translates into students finding everything they could ever need at NYU.Poly.

This 150-year-old Polytechnic Institute had several name changes over the years. It all began when Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute was founded in 1854, where the wealthy students of Brooklyn were taught.  Several name changes later, the name Polytechnic University was given in 1985, and this was the name that made the institute popular around the world.  In 2008, in its 154th year, it was affiliated with New York University and called the “Polytechnic Institute of New York University.” With this affiliation, the students and faculty gain access to research partners from around the world.  The institute has gone from strength to strength, leaving indelible marks of achievements on history, becoming a world-class institute of technology.  The main campus is located at the MetroTech Center in downtown Brooklyn, in New York City. Other campuses are in Manhattan, Long Island, and Westchester. It also has centers in countries like China, Israel and Abu Dhabi.

The programs at Polytechnic University revolve around engineering and science and they have become world-renowned.  Students will find exceptionally well-designed Bachelor’s, Master’s, Certificate and Doctoral courses offered through the various departments; which include Applied Physics, Chemical and Biological Sciences, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Finance and Risk Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Technology Management. Combined with several community outreach programs, access to the latest research and with highly qualified faculty at the helm, students have no reason to look elsewhere.

NYU-ePoly, the online programs at the university are offered aplenty.  Things can’t get any easier for students looking for a place to complete their education while handling their responsibilities. Graduate, Certificate or Master’s degrees are available in about 100 online programs, like Chemical and Biological Engineering, Technical Writing, Computer Science, mechanical Engineering and Aerospace and Manufacturing Engineering.  All these courses follow the same curriculum as the on-campus ones. The best part is that the same faculty that teaches traditional students prepares the course material and monitors online students too.  The ability to network with other online students and the faculty members, along with being given access to the school’s vast library and other resources, makes online study nothing different from going to college.

This university cultivates students’ problem solving skills, research, and thinking, enabling them to apply this in their professional and personal lives. The coursework is rigorous and students enjoy the hands-on learning experience. The confidence and unmatched experience one can get from the freedom to experiment with unconventional approaches and new solutions, is only possible at this university.


Have you studied at Polytechnic Institute of New York University?

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