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How to Survive Organic Chemistry Lab

  Chemistry is both an art and science. In the ...

Introduction to Drawing Organic Structures

  Are you staring down a page full of o-chem ...

Introduction to the Lewis Dot Structures

It may look like the periodic table is coming down ...

Introduction to Acids and Bases

  Acids and bases are one of the most important ...

Introduction to Spectroscopy

In some ways, Chemistry is the science of the invisible. ...

Periodic Table of Elements

[download id=”23″] Even though it’s often presented in bright ...

Atomic Orbitals

There was a time when Chemistry was kind Lewis dots ...

Unit Circle Chart & Blank Practice Chart (PDF)

Unit Circle Chart & Blank Practice Chart If you’re ...

Unit Circle: How to Memorize & Use

What is the Unit Circle?   The unit circle is ...


SohCahToa is an acronym which helps you remember how to ...

Law of Sines: How to Use & Practice Examples

The Law of Sines (or the Sine Rule) tells us ...

Law of Cosines: How to Use & Practice Examples

We have already seen how to solve triangles using the ...

Navigating the High School Math Maze

Math is confusing enough without having to deal with lots ...

Triangle Inequality

The Triangle Inequality Theorem states that the sum of the ...

Surface Area and Volume of a Sphere

The surface area of a sphere is the number of ...


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