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Law of Sines: How to Use & Practice Examples

The Law of Sines 1

The Law of Sines (or the Sine Rule) tells us that the ratio of a side length to the sine of its opposite angle is the same for all three sides. As a formula, it looks like this: [latex  latex size=”3″]\frac{a}{sin\alpha}=\frac{b}{sin\beta}=\frac{c}{sin\gamma}[/latex] or [latex  latex size=”3″]\frac{sin\alpha}{a}=\frac{sin\beta}{b}=\frac{sin\gamma}{c}[/latex]   In the formula, a ...

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SohCahToa is an acronym which helps you remember how to find the basic trig functions: sine, cosine and tangent. Use SohCahToa with a right triangle only! To check if your triangle is the right triangle, look for the 90-degree angle. It’s the largest one in the triangle and it usually ...

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