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Lecture Comments (5)

2 answers

Last reply by: julius mogyorossy
Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:57 PM

Post by Mary Eastman on July 17, 2011

My answer I get for an equation I'm needing to write is: y-(9)=-2(x-5) i know this is in Point-Slope form but my instructor wants to see it in y=mx+b format. How do I do that? Thanks for any help I can get :D

0 answers

Post by james gordon on April 15, 2011

Re: Additional example 4
Express these 2 points (-6,-9) (-4,-8) in
point-slope form:
When I use the second point, (-4,-8), in my solution I get the correct answer y+8=1/2(x+4)
when I use the first point, (-6,-9), I get a different answer of y+9=1/2(x+6)
Is my second answer correct?

0 answers

Post by Matthew Chantry on January 1, 2011

When I follow along and work it out his way (getting rid of the fraction), I too get the final answer of y=(2/3)x+(17/3).

However, any other way I try it, I get y=(2/3)x=(23/3).

Any ideas?

Point Slope Form of an Equation

  • The point-slope form of a linear equation is an equation of the form y – y1 = m(x – x1), where m is the slope of the graph and the point (x1, y1) is a point that lies on the graph.

  • If you are given a point that lies on a line and the slope of the line, you can immediately write the equation in point-slope form.

  • If you are given two points that lie on a line, first find the slope using the formula for the slope, then use either point to write the equation in point-slope form.

  • You now have 3 forms of a linear equation: point-slope, slope-intercept, and standard form. You can convert from one form to the other two forms using algebraic transformations of the given equation.

Point Slope Form of an Equation

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