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Victory High School – West Campus Review

Victory High School opened their west campus in 2000 for students in 7th through 12th grades. The school has a very small student body with around 50 students enrolled per year. The student body is more than half Hispanic. The school strives to ensure that students learn how to manage in a multicultural environment with a global curriculum that encourages students to become productive members of society. The curriculum stresses technology, science, and math.

The school is a performing school offering more than just academic standards but works toward the whole child. The school focuses on the holistic well being of every student, which includes emotional, mental, physical, and cognitive. The school provides a secure learning environment where students can achieve their goals and become life long learners in a diverse global society.

Some parents expressed concerns that the principal was rude and was not helpful at all in helping them make a decision regarding enrolling their child in the school. On the other hand, other parents stated that the school provides a great education that is similar to what you can find a private school. The recommendations were about half and half meaning half the parents would recommend the school while the other half would not recommend the school.

In order to help make a decision as to whether you should enroll your child, a look at the percentage of students that passed the AIMS exams may help. In the state of Arizona, all 10th graders must pass these exams in order to graduate high school. In reading, only 33% of students passed the exam with the state average being 80%, 33% passed the writing exam with the state average at 70%, and no 10th grade student passed the science or math exam.

Before enrolling your child in the school, you should ask more about the curriculum and the low results of the AIMS exams. Take a tour of the school and talk with other parents to make sure this is the best school for your child.

Have you studied at Victory High School – West Campus?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at Victory High School – West Campus in the comment section to help other readers!

Victory High School – West Campus
1650 W. Southern Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85041
Phone: 602-243-7583


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