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Veritas Preparatory Academy Review

Veritas Preparatory Academy is a public charter school that offers a liberal arts education. The school opened in 2004 for students in 6th through 12th grades.

The school offers small class sizes with a core curriculum that is designed for students that desire going to college or universities upon graduating high school. All classes are taught using a Socratic method, which means that there will be a dialogue between students and teachers. The assignments evolve according to the answers from students after the teacher presents the material and then asks a question. The school does not put much weight on grades but the knowledge students learn. Students are taught to enjoy learning which encourages life long learners. All students at the school will take six years of fine arts, math, science, language, English and history.

The school understands the importance of extra curricular activities and sports and offers such programs as football, flag football, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, soccer, golf, baseball, and track and field. A few of the extra curricular activities include Journalism Club, The Falcon, Veritas’ Student Newspaper, World Cultures Club, Chorus, Speech & Debate Team, Science Bowl, Latin Club, Hiking Club and Art Club.

Parents and students alike are very happy with the curriculum and the way in which students are taught. Most students expressed they enjoy the school as it allows them to think on their own instead of having to think along the set rules of the teacher or their peers. Classes are fun and provide knowledge they cannot receive in traditional schools is why so many parents are very pleased with the school. Staff, teachers and administration is always very helpful and answers all questions parents may have. The school provides a very safe learning environment, which is also an added plus.

The school has not published the AIMS series of exams results, so if you are interested in learning how the school compares you can always speak to someone in administration.

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Veritas Preparatory Academy
2131 E. Lincoln Dr.
Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: 602-263-1128


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