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Verde Valley Montessori Review

Verde Valley Montessori is a charter school that uses the Montessori method, which is a very unique learning environment. The school opened in 1999 for students in pre-kindergarten through 6th grades. The curriculum and learning environment balance student’s education with emotional development, social development, physical development, and intellectual development.

The program is designed with students in mind with challenging material, multi age classrooms, cooperative learning, self directed learning, outcome based learning, students can make choices, peace education, and a curriculum that is global, scientific and multi cultural.

The curriculum is divided into different areas. The younger students ranging in age from 3 to 6 learn every day living skills, language, sensorial, geography, art, math, and science. The older students ranging in age from 6 to 9 and then 9 to 12 learn geometry, math, history, language arts, music, science, movement activities, art, and music. In each area, the students have a library for their use.

The school offers goals for each student which include realizing their potential, become aware of their own essence, cultivate a positive attitude with learning, respect for oneself, others and the world, independence, responsibility, concentration skills, acceptable behavior, compassion, open mindedness, acceptance, and joy of discovery to name a few.

Parents are very pleased with the school and the curriculum. Students are learning and growing which excites their parents. The results of any tests are not posted, so it would be best to ask questions regarding the number of students that passed the AIMS exams. Since the Montessori method is quite different from traditional schools, it would be in your best interest to tour the school before making a decision. The environment may be different; however, students are learning and enjoying learning in this environment. The school is helping students become life long learners and productive members of their society.

Have you studied at Verde Valley Montessori?
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Verde Valley Montessori
215 S. Main St.
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
Phone: 928-634-3288


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