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Vector Prep and Arts Academy Review

Vector Prep and Arts Academy is part of the Skyline School System. The school is a charter school providing an alternative to traditional school. The school offers a curriculum based on college prep standards that integrate the arts and athletics within the curriculum. The curriculum is constantly updated via a group of teachers using Action Research, Best Practices, and Professional Learning Communities that aligns across all grades and all grade levels within the system. Even with that said, the program offers flexibility so the school and teachers can ensure that the needs of every student will be met.

The arts are integrated into the curriculum through visual arts and comprehensive performance. Students learn via multiple medium art, photography, graphics, dimension art, music, theater, and dance to name a few.

Parents are very pleased with the school system and explain their children are learning and doing quite well in the school. Some parents express they like the close-knit caring community while other like the way their children are learning. Parents stated that the teachers are nurturing and give 100% to their students and the school as well as communicate very well with parents. Some parents were very impressed with the opportunity their children had to graduate earlier than expected due to accelerated programs.

The school has not published any of the test results online, so it would be in your best interest to ask questions regarding the AIMS series of test results. It is always best to take a tour and learn more about the curriculum as well as the learning environment before enrolling your child. Finding the best school that fits with your family is always the best choice in a quality school.

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Vector Prep and Arts Academy
550 West Warner Road
Chandler, AZ 85225
Phone: 480-763-8425


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