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Vechij Himdag Mashchamakud Review

Vechij Himdag Mashchamakud is a charter school that is community based. The school offers an education to Native Americans with their program based on cultural and academic learning. The school meets the needs of students that were not met in traditional schools. The school opened in 2001 for students in 7th through 12th grades and on average has 85 students enrolled per year.

The school mainly works with “at risk” Native American students to help them get back on track so they have the opportunity to graduate high school and inspire them to attend college or join the workforce.

Instead of just providing academic options, the school works with students to ensure all their needs are met including intellectual, spiritual, and physical. The education program uses both the internet and traditional programs created with a foundation of Akimel O’Otham language and tradition.

Many of the students enrolled are years behind on their studies but with the diligently work of teachers and staff, students excel and can graduate in less than 3 years. The curriculum models used include blended learning model, internships, and accelerated credit learning. The school also offers vocational education and service learning. Along with this, the school offers college bridge, differentiated learning programs, college counseling, career counseling, mentoring, acceleration, and remediation.

Parents are very pleased with the school and staff that are giving their children a second chance not only to graduate high school but become self confident and productive. Students love the small class size and state that the teachers help them every step of the way when needed. Students that have graduated here are very appreciative of what the school did to help them graduate and learn to enjoy learning.

The percentage of students that passed the AIMS series of exams is below average in all core subjects. The one thing you must remember is that the students that are attending the school are mainly making up credits in order to graduate. The AIMS exams are taking in 10th grade and may not be the actual outcome of the number of students that are graduating.

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Vechij Himdag Mashchamakud
168 S. Skill Center Rd.
Sacaton, AZ 85247
Phone: 520-562-3286


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