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Tucson International Academy – West Review

Tucson International Academy opened their West campus in 2008 for students in kindergarten through 11th grade. The enrollment on average per year is 70 students. The school has incorporated a team-based environment that encourages students to achieve cultural understanding and high academic standards. The school offers a safe environment where all students are treated equally and with respect to ensure that all students have the opportunity to succeed.

The school bases its entire curriculum and environment on set values including love, team, creativity, organization, community excellence, responsibility, trust, and discipline. All the schools found in the Tucson International Academy system offer qualified teachers, safe learning environment, small class size, a computer center, along with Spanish and Chinese taught in all grade levels.

Along with core subjects, the school offers dance, drawing, drama, football, golf, cheerleading, basketball, physical education classes, debate, yearbook, science & technology, newspaper, and student council.

Parents are very happy with the secure environment where they children are excited about going to school. The students are learning more than in traditional school setting and are making life long friends. Teachers show devotion, care, and love toward all students and help each one to achieve their goals. Other parents expressed their dislike of the school in that the classrooms are crowded with much older children, the academic standards have gone down in the last few years, and some parents stated the school is not for students that wish to excel but for students that have been expelled from other schools.

A look at the AIMS series of exams may give us an idea if the school is providing the educational tools for students to succeed. The percentage of 3rd graders that passed the exams was below average in all core subjects. Fourth graders did better with scoring above average in reading, average in science and writing, but below average in math. Fifth graders were average in writing and below average in reading and math with math being 50% below the state average. Sixth graders were below average in all core subjects. Seventh graders were below average in all core subjects with math being the worst being 52% below the state average. Eighth graders were also below state average in all core subjects. In order to receive a high school diploma in the state of Arizona, 10th graders must pass the AIMS series of exams. In reading, the percentage of students that passed the exam was equal to the state average, however, science and writing was below average by 10%, and math was 30% below the average.

Before enrolling your child, it would be best to learn more about the curriculum as well as the student body. If the school is not performing and ensuring students can achieve a high school diploma then you may want to look at other schools in the area.

Have you studied at Tucson International Academy – West?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at Tucson International Academy – West in the comment section to help other readers!

Tucson International Academy – West
2700 W. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85746
Phone: 520-792-3255


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