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Triumphant Learning Center Review

Triumphant Learning Center is a charter school in Safford devoted to providing a quality education to students in kindergarten through 8th grade with an accelerated curriculum to ensure students success. The curriculum centers on applications offering creative thinking skills and hands on problem solving.

The school believes in providing a structured and nurturing learning environment which will encourage students to become respectful positive leaders of their community. The school utilizes the values found The Book of Virtues which include faith, loyalty, honestly, perseverance, courage, work, friendship, responsibility, compassion, and self discipline along with the Character Count Program which encompasses respect, caring, trustworthy, citizenship, fairness, and responsibility. The school works with students to ensure the needs are met of every student as each child is different and so is the way in which they learn.

Along with core subjects the school also offers orchestra, basketball, yearbook, and student government for those that wish to participate.

All parents and students have good remarks regarding the school such as the teachers are devoted, caring, and the curriculum is great. Parents are very pleased that students are placed in grades due to their knowledge and not their age. The only negative comment is that the school does not offer enough extra curricular activities for the students. Students are learning at a great pace higher than their grade level, making new friends, and feel safe and comfortable while at school.

The percentage of students at passed the AIMS exams were above average in all core subjects and across all grade levels. With these scores and the great comments of the parents the school is doing an excellent job of preparing students for their future. Of course, you should still take a tour to ensure the school is best choice for your child before enrolling.

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Triumphant Learning Center
201 E. Main St.
Safford, AZ 85546
Phone: 928-348-8422


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