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Tongass School of Arts and Sciences Elementary Charter School Review

The Tongass School of Arts and Sciences is an elementary charter school that serves about 180 students in grades K-6 as well as Preschool students. It offers free education and learning programs and follows a unique educational motto. The school integrates thematic instruction related to arts and sciences into the curriculum. Special needs, gifted students and home schooling students are supported.

Having begun its operations in the year 2003, the Tongass School of Arts and Sciences was established due to the local interest. The APC had received letters from parents of more than 100 students that were willing to join kindergarten through sixth grades. It has ever since, maintained a full or nearly full enrollment ever since the beginning.

TSAS has multi-age classrooms aligned to teach thematically and uses a curriculum framework known as HET (Highly Effective teaching). It has the distinction of being selected as “Showcase 2006” and “Showcase 2009” by the developers of HET. The subjects taught include English and Language arts, Science, Mathematics, Geography, Government and Citizenship, History, Arts, World languages, Skills for a healthy life, and Technology. They emphasize arts and science themes.

Students take all standardized tests required by the State of Alaska, and students of this school have done well in all aspects. The school has a library attached to the First City Libraries system, a covered playground, full-size gymnasium and a music classroom. Children have access to several other resources such as maps, globes, computer software, cameras, internet access and field trips among others.

410 Schoenbar Rd., Ste. 202
Ketchikan, AK 99901
Phone: 907-225-5720


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