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The Odyssey Preparatory Academy Goodyear Review

The Odyssey Preparatory Academy Goodyear is a public charter school providing an alternative educational option for families with students in grades kindergarten through 6th grades. The school focuses on cultural awareness, character acquisition, and high academic achievements.

Students are required to take foreign language as well as band. The foreign language taught at The Odyssey Preparatory Academy Goodyear is Mandarin. The reason this language was chosen is that over 836 million speak Mandarin in five different countries. The school strives to help students become multilingual and multicultural individuals that are leaders in their community.

Along with core subjects the school offers extra curricular activities which include drama club, Lego club, chorus, art club, track & field, yearbook club, and karate, to name a few. All of the after school clubs do require a fee, which will be determined, by the club and the equipment needed. The school also provides sports for those that wish to participate which include flag football, volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball.

Every teacher at the school creates a certain plan for each day of school. The first greeting is known as Morning Meeting and the rest of the day is planned by the teachers until the last bell. The last 30 minutes of each is known as protected time. Students are not allowed to leave school at this time.

Parents are very pleased with the charter school and the way in which their children are learning. A few parents expressed the school is very strict especially with the “protected time” and that all appointments made for the students should be done on a specific day and time. It may help the school function properly but it is not always possible to obtain a doctors visit at the times the school allows.

The school has not published any of their test results online, so it would be best to learn more about the curriculum and the results of the AIMS series of exams to ensure students are meeting the standards set forth by the state of Arizona.

Have you studied at The Odyssey Preparatory Academy Goodyear?
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The Odyssey Preparatory Academy Goodyear
17532 West Harrison Street
Goodyear, AZ
Phone: 623-882-1140

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