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The Odyssey Preparatory Academy – Buckeye Review

The Odyssey Preparatory Academy Buckeye is a public charter school offering an alternative educational environment for students in kindergarten through 7th grades. The school works with students and encourages character acquisition, high academic achievements, and cultural awareness.

All students are required as part of the core subject material to learn Mandarin and to participate in band. Mandarin is the language chosen by the administration as it is spoken by 836 million people throughout five countries. The school focuses on creating multicultural and multilingual individuals that will become productive leaders in society.

The school also provides a few extra curricular activities along with core subjects for students that are interested in participating. The activities include track & field, art club, chorus, Lego club, drama club, karate, and yearbook club. After school programs, do require a fee that is determined by the activity and the equipment needed to participate. The school also has sports teams, which include softball, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and flag football.

Teachers are responsible for creating their plan of the day, which begins, with the first greeting of the day until the end of the school day. The last 30 minutes of each school day is reserved for what is known as protected time. During this time, parents are not allowed to pick up their children and cannot enter the gate.

Most parents are pleased with the progress of their children at the school. The only complaint was the protected time and the fact that the school only wants students to have appointments such as visiting the doctor only on Friday. Many parents believe this is a bit strict and is hard for them to schedule some appointments.

At this time, the school has not provided any public records of the AIMS test scores or other tests results. It would be a good idea to learn more about the results of these exams especially the AIMS exams as this will let you know if the students are meeting the state standards.

Have you studied at The Odyssey Preparatory Academy – Buckeye?
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The Odyssey Preparatory Academy – Buckeye
4290 S. Miller Rd. Ste. 112
Buckeye, AZ 85326
Phone: 623-327-3111


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