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Tempe Preparatory Junior Academy Review

Tempe Preparatory Junior Academy opened in 2000 as a charter school for students in 6th through 8th grades. On average, the school has 100 students enrolled per year. The school curriculum is based on the Socratic Model and encourages parents to become involved in their children’s learning experience. The Great Books written by Dr. Mortimer Adler is the baseline, which includes the ideas of truth, beauty, goodness, liberty, justice, and equality. The school does not have a true curriculum but focuses on the values of freedom, free elections, and free speech in a free society. Students have the opportunity to explore a large array of subjects instead of centering on core subjects.

The Socratic model is a bit different in that the teachers providing the material. From there the lesson will go onward due to the various questions and answers of the students. Along with the teachings, students can participate in chorus, theater, dance, orchestra, baseball, basketball, cross-country, football, softball, soccer, track, volleyball, debate, yearbook, and Science & technology.

Some parents expressed they love the curriculum and challenging courses but are not too happy with the building which is small with limited athletic opportunities. Teachers are devoted and caring, which helps students succeed. There were no negative comments from teachers or students. All expressed that the teachers work diligently to ensure students succeed and that the staff is very accommodating.

The percentage of students that passed the AIMS series of exams was above state average in all grades and in all subjects with most in the 90% to 100%.

With the great AIMS scores, it shows the school is providing the educational tools needed to help students succeed. It would still be in your best interest to tour the school to make sure it is a good fit for your family and child before enrolling.

Have you studied at Tempe Preparatory Junior Academy?
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Tempe Preparatory Junior Academy
1251 E. Southern Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85282
Phone: 480-839-3402


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