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Sun Valley Charter School Review

Sun Valley Charter School focuses their curriculum on an accelerated program with an emphasis on math, language arts, and reading for students in kindergarten through 6th grade. The school opened in 2009 and has on average 175 students enrolled, which allows for a great student/teacher ratio. With small class sizes, the teachers are allowed to work closely with students to help them achieve success. The more one on one attention is the perfect combination with a great curriculum that builds self-esteem, productive and happy students.

The school offers research based curriculum, accelerated curriculum, and direct instruction. The learning environment is one that supports visual as well as auditory learners, consistent support, quality feedback, encourages independent study skills, structured classroom, and encourages self-motivation. Support services offered at Sun Valley Charter school include gifted, ELL for those learning English, and special education. The student to teacher ratio is one teacher for 20 students.

Parents are pleased with the progress they are seeing in their children. Students are making friends, learning well, and become more self-confident and independent. Parents state the teachers are devoted and work with students that need a bit of extra help and work with parents with any and all issues that may arise. The staff is always eager to help and answer all questions from parents and students.

The percentage of students at Sun Valley Charter School that passed the AIMS series of exams was 59% in math, 77% in reading, and 45% in math. The percentage of students that passed the Stanford exam was 39% in math, 36% in reading, and 36% in language.

To learn more about the curriculum and if the environment would be a good option for your child, you should take a tour as well as talk with other parents that have children attending the school.

Have you studied at Sun Valley Charter School?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at Sun Valley Charter School in the comment section to help other readers!

Sun Valley Charter School
5806 S. 35th Ave., Bldg. E
Phoenix, AZ 85041
Phone: 602-692-4914


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