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Stepping Stones Academy Review

Stepping Stones Academy is the dream and vision of two teachers. These teachers joined forces to create a charter school that would work with the whole child. The school offers dedicated teachers, a high quality curriculum, and a code of conduct to ensure that all students are treated equally and with respect. The school is strict but enjoyable at the same time. Students learn to love education and become life long learners in a safe and nurturing environment. The school opened in 1999 for students in kindergarten through 8th grades and offers small class sizes to ensure each student receives the one on one attention they deserve.

Along with core subjects, Stepping Stones Academy provides extra curricular activities and clubs for the students to enjoy including computer arts, sculpture, painting, drama, gymnastics, physical education classes, newspaper, student council, yearbook, and Science & technology.

Parents only had good things to say about Stepping Stones Academy. Parents expressed the staff and teachers are very caring and that the curriculum is above state standards. The administration, staff, and teachers are always there for parents as well as students. The school offers a safe environment with a zero tolerance for bullying or violent behavior. The school is a family style environment where students are encouraged and feel worthwhile.

The percentage of students passing the AIMS series of exams is impressive with 90% of 3rd graders passing the reading exam, 83% passing writing, and 80% passing math, which were all above state averages. 4th graders did just as well with 100% passing reading, 90% in science, 95% in writing, and 90% in math. 5th graders also passed most core subjects above writing except for writing which was only 6% below average. Sixth graders on the other hand, were below average in writing and math and above average in reading. Seventh graders were below average in reading but above average in writing and math. Eighth graders were above average in science, below average in reading and math, and average in writing.

The test scores seem to show that in the lower grades the school is doing a good job, however, the higher grades are not doing as well in passing the state required exams. It would be best to learn more about the curriculum and ask questions regarding the exam results before enrolling your child.

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Stepping Stones Academy
35812 N. 7th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85086
Phone: 623-465-4910


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