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Southgate Academy Review

Southgate Academy is a charter school that offers an alternative to traditional schools providing students with a safe facility so students can grow academically as well as socially. The school serves students in kindergarten through 12th grades with a quality education via a nurturing environment with dedicated teachers. Along with core subjects Southgate Academy provides a few extra curricular activities, sports, and student clubs including chorus, drawing, basketball, physical education classes, soccer, track, volleyball, and debate.

The school has had some difficulties over the past few years even with a natural disaster that destroyed part of the buildings. The school has been working on rebuilding the school and using portable buildings until all building can be finished. The remarks and comments from parents are quite diverse with a few parents stating the school is ran by older children working in the office to the school is the best in the area. Some parents complained about lack of communication while others expressed just how wonderful the school is meeting the needs of parents and students. Before the school had issues and had to start using portable building, all comments were positive; however, many parents stated that the school has gone downhill ever since. Not only the cosmetic aspect of the school but the lack of security and devotion of staff and teachers. Other parents have not seen this change and are very glad their children have the opportunity to attend Southgate Academy.

Looking at the percentage of students passing the AIMS exams is disappointing. Third graders were below state average in reading by 30%, 20% in writing, and 30% in math. Fourth graders did a little better being below average in reading by 10%, 30% in science, 2% in writing, and 3% in math. The percentage of 5th graders that passed the reading exam was not as good as 4th graders being below state average by 30%, 23% below in writing, and 40% below average in math. Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth graders were even worse being below average in some courses as much as 50% below state average in several courses especially math. Tenth graders must pass the exams in order to graduate high school. The percentage of 10th graders that passed the exams were all below average with close to 40% below average in reading, 30% in science, 40% below in writing, and almost 40% below in math.

It would be in your best interest to learn more about the school and how it compares to other schools in the area before enrolling your child. The low test scores are certainly not favorable.

Have you studied at Southgate Academy?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at Southgate Academy in the comment section to help other readers!

Southgate Academy
850 W. Valencia Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85706
Phone: 520-741-7900


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