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Southern Arizona Community Academy Review

Southern Arizona Community Academy is a charter high school that works with students to ensure they are prepared for college, the workforce, or employability through a diverse curriculum. The small class size allows students to enjoy a more personal one on one learning experience that encourages social responsibility, critical thinking skills, and instills life long learning.

The school offers an open enrollment so students are allowed to register at any time of the year with flexible hours. The curriculum is challenging with accelerated programs in social studies, language arts, math, literature, international languages, and natural sciences. Along with on campus learning the Southern Arizona Community Academy offers off campus learning via work-study credit for employment. Students have the opportunity to enjoy sports and physical fitness activities at the YMCA at the Downtown Lohse Family YMCA. Students earn ¼ credit for 25 hours of physical activity they log at the YMCA. Other physical education is provided in the gym as well as other sports programs on campus. Some students that qualify can also enroll in Pima Community College to earn college credits while achieving their high school diploma.

Along with core subjects, Southern Arizona Community Academy offers a variety of electives including chess, community problem solvers, future problem solvers, Odyssey of the Mind, character education, community first aid & safety, creating your future, anger management, health, history of scientific discoveries, basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, swim team, auto repair, construction, electrical, home remodeling, and carpentry. Each one of these electives offers a different amount of credit to aid a student with the credits needed to achieve a high school diploma.

Parents and students alike are glad the school offers an alternative to traditional public schools with flexible schedules. The school helps students succeed to become productive members of society. It would be in your best interest to learn more about the school and to ask the percentage of students that passed the AIMS series of exams, as they have not been published.

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Southern Arizona Community Academy
2470 N. Tucson Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85716
Phone: 520-319-6114


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