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South Phoenix Prep & Arts Academy Review

South Phoenix Prep & Arts Academy is a charter school that opened in 2011 offering a college prep based curriculum that blends athletics with the arts. South Phoenix Prep & Arts Academy is also known as Arts Academy at South Mountain and is part of the Skyline School System. The school provides an alternative educational learning environment for students up to grade 8.

Skyline School are a system of charter schools that was founded in 2000 and uses the same curriculum across all their schools. The staff work diligently to update the curriculum, which is developed by teachers that via a system known as Action Research, Best Practices, and Professional Learning Communities, which provides a horizontal and vertical alignment for grade as well as content levels for all schools. Even with this baseline, the schools personally have the flexibility needed to modify the curriculum to ensure students receive the best quality education as well as cater to individual needs.

Parents express just how much their children love attending the school and know teachers by name. The teachers are very attentive and are always there to help students when needed. The close-knit family environment is nurturing and helps students succeed. Most parents are very pleased with kindergarten classes that work with students, which are learning how to spell, do math, and read instead of playing and color.

The percentage of students that passed the AIMS series of exams in third grade was below average in all courses. Fourth graders did a bit better by scoring higher in all courses except math, which was below state average. Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth graders scored below average in all core subjects.

Even though parents state they are happy with the way their children are learning, you may want to learn more about the curriculum since the percentage of students passing the exam are below state averages.

Have you studied at South Phoenix Prep & Arts Academy?
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South Phoenix Prep & Arts Academy
4039 E. Raymond St., #3
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone: 480-763-8425


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