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Skyview School Review

Skyview School is a charter school that opened in Prescott in 1996. The school offers an alternative to traditional school settings for students in kindergarten through 8th grades. The school encourages parents to be involved in the school to help create a close-knit learning environment. The school emphasizes working with the whole child instead of just providing academic opportunities. The school utilizes a thematic project based framework to stimulate higher order thinking. The arts are blended in with the academic standards of the school while teaching responsibility, respect, motivation, self-direction, and the ability to simplify learning.

Along with core subjects, the school ensures that students have the opportunity to explore their own unique talents with extra curricular activities, sports, and clubs. Those that wish to participate can enjoy dance, chorus, computer arts, painting, ceramics, drama, yoga, volleyball, track, rock climbing, soccer, physical education classes, martial arts, lacrosse, football, cross country, badminton, basketball, baseball, debate, yearbook, student council, science & technology, and newspaper.

The major complaint from parents is that the school is strict even though that may not be the exact wording parents used. One stated that the teachers in kindergarten wanted children to be more like robots that would sit and learn and was overly organized. On the other hand, many parents are very pleased with the organization of the school, the teachings, the curriculum, and the strictness set forth by the school. The school has a zero tolerance to violence, drugs, and bullying so the school is very safe and nurturing.

The percentage of students that passed the AIMS series of exams was below state average in all grades and core subjects. The school is doing a great job providing the educational tools needed to succeed as you can tell from the above average percentage of students passing the AIMS tests. If you can handle a strict setting that does not allow kids to step out of line, then this may be the perfect school for your child.

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Skyview School
125 S. Rush St.
Prescott, AZ 86303
Phone: 928-776-1730


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