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Sequoia Charter Secondary School Review

Sequoia Charter Secondary School is a tuition free public charter school that provides an education for students in 7th through 12th grades. The school is unique in that students are not treated as students as much as they are treated as equals and are allowed to express their own opinion, use their talents and creativity, and be actually individuals instead of part of the herd. The school does not only provide the educational tools for students to succeed but also offers a free after school program and after school sports teams for students that wish to participate. Students learn to participate and be oneself without feeling controlled but learning self-control at the same time.

Along with core subjects, sports offered include football, basketball, volleyball, cross-country, baseball, and softball. Other activities include music, travel club, yearbook club, college crew, health & wellness, student council, and science club.

According to the Arizona Department of Education, the school has been given a C letter grade. The grade level given to the school shows that it is performing at an average level which means that the number of students passing the AIMS exams as well as the academic growth is equal to other schools in the state with the same or nearly the same population. When you look at the AIMS series of exams, 33% percent of the school passed the math exam, 57% passed the reading exam, and 37% passed the writing exam. The Stanford test results show that 55% of students passed the math exam, 41% passed the reading exam, and 37% passed the language exam.

Parents are glad they have the choice to enroll their child in a school other than the traditional school that will provide them with a safe and caring learning environment. To ensure the school is a good fit for your child it would be a good idea to take a tour of the school and talk with teachers.

Have you studied at School for Sequoia Charter Secondary School?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at Sequoia Charter Secondary School in the comment section to help other readers!

Sequoia Charter Secondary School
1460 S. Horne St.
Mesa, AZ 85204
Phone: 480-649-7737


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