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San Jacinto Valley Academy Review

San Jacinto Valley Academy opened as a charter school in 1997 for students in kindergarten through 12th grades. The school focuses on engaging students to want to learn more about their natural and social environment. The school offers a student body that is diverse with 49% Hispanic or Latino, 345 White, 9% African American, 3% American Indian, 1% Filipino, 1% Pacific Islander, and 3% unspecified.

Along with core subjects, the school offers extra curricular activities, clubs, and sports for students that wish to participate. These include art club, ASB/Student Leadership, aviation club, chess club, Christian Club, dance, drama, keyboard, peer assistance club, ping pong, SJVA Internship Program, Technology Club, Up and Atom Engineering Club, Women’s Singing Group, Yearbook Club, Cross Country, tackle football, pep squad, volleyball, and flag football. Parents and students alike love all the activities the school offers.

There were mixed opinions of the school by parents. Some rave on the teachers, school, and staff while others expressed that the school is not good at all. Some of the parents with negative comments stated that students are unhappy and that when the new staff took over the school has gone down drastically. On the other side of the coin, parents are very pleased with the school and all the activities. On the topic of bullying, there were statements on both sides of the fence again. Students on the other hand, did not have any of the complaints of parents.

The Academic Performance Index showed an increase of 57 points from the previous year to a score of 787. The statewide goal is 800. Parents were very pleased with the huge increase that shows the school is working toward meeting the goal and ensuring all students are receiving a quality education.

The California Standards Tests is used to learn if students are mastering core subjects. The various tests are given to 2nd through 11th grades in English, grades 2nd through 7th are given tests in math, and science tests are administered to students in grades 5th, 8th, and 10th, while history tests are given to students in 8th and 11th grades.

The percentage of students passing the exams was mixed. Examples include the percentage of 3rd graders passing the math exam was 87% with the state average at 69%, 56% of 5th graders passed the English exam with the state at 63%, and 51% of 7th graders passed the math exam with the average at 52%.

The California High School Exit Exam tests 10th graders mastering skills in English language arts and mathematics. The percentage of students passing the English exam was 87% in English with the average at 83% and in math 87% passed with the average at 84%.

The school is doing an excellent job of preparing students for their college years or for joining the workforce upon graduation. If you have any concerns, it would be a good idea to talk with other parents that have students enrolled.

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San Jacinto Valley Academy
480 N. San Jacinto Ave.
San Jacinto, CA 92583
Phone: 951-654-6113 or 487-6767


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