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Salt River High School Review

Salt River High School is a Native American charter school that was established in 2004. The school provides an education that ensures that the students not only receive a quality education that will help them succeed but one that also provides the cultural needs of the students. The school centers on traditional Pima-Maricopa Indian cultural values. At this time, the school has 300 students enrolled in grades 7th through 12th, but has room to grow.

The school blends core subjects with advanced opportunities, which include cultural studies, Native American arts, and basket weaving. To recognize students the school has annual awards banquets, annual athletic banquet, and quarterly award luncheons. The school works with the community and parents and welcomes their support. Along with core subjects and advanced courses, the school also offers other activities that students can enjoy such as cheerleading, basketball, baseball, football, wrestling, volleyball, softball, golf, orchestra, band, video, yearbook, consumer science, and creative writing.

The school strives to preserve the Onk Akimel O’Odham himdak and the Xalychidom Piipaash Huudioshxish within the community as well as promotes the desire in students to become productive members of their community.

Students enjoy attending the school; express they are learning and like all the activities and great curriculum. Parents are very pleased with the way the school is holding on to the cultural aspects and the small class sizes. Teachers are devoted and caring. The school offers a rigorous curriculum and more athletic opportunities than other schools in the area. The main reason that most parents are enrolling their children in Salt River High School is that it teachers the students the culture they wish to preserve while providing them an education that will help them succeed in a changing world. One parents expressed that the school needed to work more on the curriculum as the AIMS percentages were a bit low. The percentages of students that passed the exam were below average in every course and in every grade.

The school community is one that embraces students and with so many parents and students providing positive remarks, the school is a great place to get an education. However, as one parent states, the AIMS percentages need to be improved.

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Salt River High School
4827 N. Country Club Dr.
Scottsdale, AZ 85256
Phone: 480-362-2061


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