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SABIS International School Review

SABIS International Educational Systems all began in Minnesota in 1985 and opened their SABIS International School in Phoenix in 2001. The school system started with private schools and then expanded to include public charter schools. SABIS International School is part of the worldwide SABIS School network, which has schools in 15 countries.

The teaching methods used are created by use of diagnostic testing so students can be placed in a class that is based on academic attainment and not decided by the age of the student. The class is taught as a whole with method, which includes individual written work, interactively, alternating oral work, and group checking. All discussions in class help students learn logical reasoning and critical thinking. The curriculum offered is challenging, rigorous and based on high expectations. SABIS works to instill high ethical morals, high ethical civic values, interpersonal skills, personality, learning techniques, and academic competence. Along with provide an exceptional education the school also provides other activities, which include computer arts, drawing, volleyball, physical education classes, cheerleading, and basketball.

The positive remarks from parents outweigh any negative remarks. Parents are very pleased with the curriculum and the way in which their children are learning both academically and socially. Teachers are very happy working at SABIS and strive to ensure the needs are met of every child. Parents state the staff and administration really care about the welfare of the students instead of just providing them an education. The only complaint from one parent was the fact that there is not enough parent involvement in the school.

When you compare the percentage of students in 3rd and 4th graders, SABIS International School was below state average in all core subjects. 5th graders were above average, but were below average in math. 6th graders were above average in reading, but below average in writing and math. 7th graders were above average in reading and math but below average in writing. 8th graders were above average in reading and math, but below average in writing and science.

The tests scores may not be perfect; however, the school does work with students to ensure their success. Most parents expressed that the students are actually doing work that is higher than their age, thus the low test scores are not as important to them.

Have you studied at SABIS International School?
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SABIS International School
1903 E. Roeser Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Phone: 602-305-8865

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