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Primavera Technical Learning Center Review

Primavera Technical Learning Center is an online charter school that provides a personalized and flexible learning environment for students that are having a difficult time in traditional school settings. The school opened in 2000 for students in 9th through 12th grades. The school has on average just fewer than 5300 students enrolled.

Since the school is completely online, students can work at their own pace to catch up on credits, accelerate their education, and graduate early. The school offers six-week blocks that help students choose a schedule that fits their life instead of trying to have a life around school. This allows students to work while attending school and still enjoy the same quality education. The school not only aids students that wish to graduate high school but also offers dual enrollment for students that wish to attend high school and either one of the colleges available, which include Rio Salado College and Grand Canyon University.

Unlike most online schools, Primavera Technical Learning Center understands the importance of social interaction. Due to this, the school has several events throughout the year so students can attend or participate in various clubs. The Street Team enjoys attending festivals, fairs, concerts, and hosts a wide array of events.

Students receive support from highly skilled teachers and staff that want to ensure students succeed. The school offers math coaches, tutors, guidance counselors, and more for students that may need just a bit more attention.

Students are thrilled with the online school that allows them to choose their own schedule. The teachers are very helpful and work with students as needed. One parent was very happy that even though the school is online, there is a classroom where students can visit a teacher in the morning or afternoon during a four-hour session for any help they may need.

The school has not released their test scores, however, by visiting the school you can speak with staff and administration to ensure the students are meeting the standards set forth by the state.

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Primavera Technical Learning Center
3029 N. Alma School Rd., Ste. 226 & 227
Chandler, AZ 85224
Phone: 480-456-6678


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