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Pioneer Preparatory – A Challenge Foundation Review

Pioneer Preparatory is a charter school for students in kindergarten though 2nd grade. The school believes in working as a team, which includes parent involvement. The school strives to ensure students enjoy learning while honoring others and actually learn from their experiences at school. The main factor that sets Pioneer Preparatory apart from traditional schools is that the school expects parental involvement.

The curriculum offered at Pioneer Preparatory is Core Knowledge with enhances the standards set forth by the state. The program integrates Core Knowledge Language Arts, Everyday Math, Step Up to Writing, and Pearson Social Studies, Scott Foresman Science, Compass Learning, and several other supplemental programs.

The school offers small class size with attentive teachers that work to ensure that each child can and will receive a quality education and prepare them for elementary school. This school is not as much into parental involvement as many parents would like or even as the school expresses on their website. No one is allowed pass the front desk unless they are members of the staff at any time. Parents are not allowed into the classrooms or walking down the hallways without being announced. Most parents are very grateful for the school and the way in which their children are becoming social, making friends, and learning quickly. The curriculum is excellent to instill life long learning at a young age. Students enjoy attending the school and making friends.

At this grade level, the state does not require any testing. To ensure this is the right school for your child, you should take a tour of the school, talk with parents that have students enrolled, and talk with teachers.

Have you studied at Pioneer Preparatory – A Challenge Foundation?
Please provide a brief review of your experience at Pioneer Preparatory – A Challenge Foundation in the comment section to help other readers!

Pioneer Preparatory – A Challenge Foundation
6629 W. Clarendon Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85033
Phone: 623-933-3733


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