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Pine Forest Charter School Review

Pine Forest Charter School provides an alternative to regular school for students in kindergarten through 8th grades. The school offers a tuition free unique learning environment based on Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf curriculum. This type of curriculum blends the average education with crafts, foreign languages, physical education, movement, art, and music. The school prides itself on providing activities that meet the needs of the whole child where they will become life long learners.

Instead of just sitting and learning by using books and other regular educational tools, Pine Forest Charter School strives for every student to use their own creativity, develop a balanced emotional life and be prepared for the career. Each child is presented learning material in a way that is in harmony with their own nature and will meet their own unique needs. Utilizing the standards of the Waldorf method, the school introduces different content according to the students own stage of development to ensure that the whole students grows, matures, and learns.

Along with the basic courses, Pine Forest Charter School as explained above understands the importance of meeting the needs of every student. Due to this the school offers a variety of extracurricular activities, and student clubs which include band, chorus, dance, orchestra, sculpture, drama, painting, basketball, cross country, volleyball, physical education classes, yearbook, and community service.

Parents are very pleased with the school, staff, and unique learning environment. One of the most outstanding features that impress all parents is that the teachers move up the grades with the class. This way the students can have a closer relationship with their teacher that truly knows their students.

The state required AIMS series of tests showed that the students are performing close to average or above in most grades. A few grades were a bit below average in writing and math; however, improvements of the number of students passing the exams have been seen.

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Pine Forest Charter School
1120 W. Kaibab Ln.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Phone: 928-779-9880


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