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Paulden Community School Review

Paulden Community School opened in 2009 with an average enrollment of 70 students in kindergarten through 8th grade. The school has been working effortlessly to revise the improvement plan for the school with the district as well as the Arizona Department of Education. The major goal is to provide a more personal math program using accelerated math, after school homework assistance, and professional development sessions for teachers on The Common Core math standards.

Parents were very excited to see the charter school open in the area; however, the start has been rough with disorganization and students not performing well when taking the state exams. Parents expressed that the school needs quite a bit of work in order to give students the tools they need to succeed. Teachers and staff are very caring and strive to do the best job, but need to pump up their knowledge if they are going to successfully help students achieve their goals.

The percentage of students that passed the AIMS series of tests is grim. In reading only 38% of 3rd graders passed with the state average at 75%, in writing the school did not release the results and in math only 25% passed with the average at 69%. Fourth graders in reading had 41% passing with the state at 75%, in science only 29% with the state at 63%, no writing scores were available, and in math 35% passed with the average being 67%. Fifth graders did better in reading with 75% passing with the state average at 78%, 42% in writing with the state at 56%, and in math only 17% with the state at 63%. Sixth graders were below state averages as well in all core subjects. Seventh graders showed a bit of improvement with 88% passing the reading exam while the state average was 84% and 1% above average in math, however, in writing the percentage was below average. Eighth graders were above in science, but below average in other core subjects.

Before enrolling your child, it would be best to learn if the curriculum has changed as well as learn what steps are being made to ensure students are receiving the best education possible.

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Paulden Community School
24850 Naples Drive
Paulden, AZ 86334


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