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Ombudsman Learning Center – Metro Review

Ombudsman opened their metro campus in 1999 for students in 9th through 12th grades to give students a choice to attend a school besides the traditional educational setting. The school works closely with students that have poor academic standings, unable to attend school during regular hours due to adult responsibilities and those that are behind in credits. The school utilizes computer-based instruction as well as one on one with qualified teachers in a 4-hour school day.

The majority of students attending Ombudsman were having issues in traditional school whether being gifted, slow learners, feeling overwhelmed, or was at risk of dropping out of school.

Students expressed that the teachers were caring and they really enjoy going to school. The help they receive from teachers is beyond anything they found in traditional schools. Students were very pleased that they could work at their own pace and attend school at night so they could work during the day. Parents expressed their gratitude for the staff and teachers at Ombudsman that truly care about each child individually and work with parents and students to ensure each child can attain their goals of graduating high school and become life long learners.

Students at Ombudsman metro campus participated in the AIMS series of exams. The percentage of 10th graders that passed the exam in reading was 70% with the state average at 78%, in science there were no students that passed the exam at this school, in writing 50% passed the exam with the state average at 68%, and in math, 11% passed the exam with the state average at 60%.

The test scores may not be as great but most students in the school would not graduate high school for whatever reason. For parents looking for a school so their child can graduate high school and learn to apply the knowledge to become a productive member of their community, then this could be the school.

Ombudsman Learning Center – Metro
4220 W. Northern Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85051


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