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North Star Charter School Review

North Star Charter School opened in 2002 and on average has 80 students enrolled per year. The school offers a self paced college and career preparatory curriculum with electives such as law enforcement, technology, cosmetology, and medicine. Along with core subjects, the school also offers computer arts and yearbook club.

Parents have had their doubts about the school in the past, but the issues seem to have improved. A few years ago, staff was confused, was not sure of graduation requirements, and was not able to help students as much as they should have. Some students took classes that were not needed and ended up without enough credits to graduate. The staff has changed now and things are getting better with the curriculum and the organization skills of the administration. Students expressed they enjoyed the school and were catching up with their requirements and enjoying learning.

Students participated in the AIMS series of tests that measures if students are mastering the core subjects. In the state of Arizona, all students must pass the exams in 10th grade in order to graduate and receive their diploma. Percentage of 10th graders that passed the exam in reading were 23% below average, 14% below in science, 37% below in writing, and 42% below average in math.

It would be in your best interest to talk with the school staff and learn more the graduation requirements and other issues that may be going on in the school before enrolling your child.

North Star Charter School
10720 W. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 85037


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