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Montessori House Charter School Review

Montessori House Charter School opened their charter school in 2000 for students in pre-kindergarten though 6th grades with an average enrollment of 70 students per year. The school offers small classes, which enables teachers the opportunity to work with students on a more personal level.

The school uses a curriculum based on the Montessori philosophy, which provides self-paced personalized curriculum in a multi age setting.

All parents expressed how much they love the school, the teachers, and the way their children are doing in the school. Teachers are very attentive and caring. The school offers a family style setting, which enables children to be comfortable and enjoy learning.

Even with the great comments from parents, the Arizona Department of Education gave the school a D rating which means the performance of half of the students were below the average of state standards. On a good note, the school has improved quite a bit since it received this rating. The last AIMS scores showed that 61% of the student body passed the AIMS exam in math with the prior year only 22%, 76% in reading with the prior year 665, and in writing 60% with the prior year being 27%.

The Stanford 10 test showed marked improvement as well with 77% passing the math exam with the previous year only 31%, in reading 79% with the previous year 41%, and in language 54% with the previous year only 21%.

Before enrolling your child, it would be best to see if the school is still improving. Talk with other parents to learn how their children are doing academically.

Montessori House Charter School
2415 N. Terrace Cir.
Mesa, AZ 85203


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